UPDATE on CVNT bridge near LaPorte City

Click on the picture below to check out the size of the beams for the new bridge.  MelonHeads will now be able to ride over the bridge as a team instead of one by one!

McFarlane Park bridge project moves forward

One of our favorite stretches of bike trail may be reopening late next summer.  The Cedar Valley Nature Trail bridge at McFarlane Park near LaPorte City, may be back in business in late July, 2013.  Much of the trail to and from the bridge has been repaired.  Damaged by the flood of 2008, first picture was taken during the Fool's Ride in the spring of 2009.  

As shown in the second picture, MelonHeads have had many good times stopping to party on this bridge.   It was like losing a member of the family.

Click on picture for an article on the bridge.