Shamrock Ride 2012

The MelonHeads were originally formed during a RAGBRAI week many years ago.  Because we traveled with a group from Muscatine, Iowa we thought our team name should reflect that community in some manner.  

The city of Muscatine is known as the *pearl button* capital of the world,  However, Team Pearly or Team Butt-On-Heads just did not sound right.  Since Muscatine is also known for its watermelons, the name: MelonHeads was born. 

Many of the original members were from California,  But unfortunately, over time they were not able to attend RAGBRAI or our weekly rides.   In fact, the only remaining charter members are Doti, Brian, and Tom. But once others riders saw how MelonHeads ride and party, the team soon grew to a sizable number. We now have members from all over Iowa, as well as New Jersey, California, Illinois and Arkansas.  While it is very rare to see all the MelonHeads at one time, we still correspond and try to ride when available.

While you may not ride with us, in reality...everyone is a MelonHead at heart!