The BUD Ride Route:  30 miles


This is a great route, beginning at Roadies bar.  It is called the BUD Ride because it is the same route Team BUD uses for their annual May ride.

Roadies is in a mini mall with a large parking lot to leave your car.  Exit the lot and turn right (West) onto county road F28 (Penn St).    Stay on this road until you must turn North to remain on paved road.  THis route will eventually head West again.  When you come to gravel, take a left and head South to Oxford.  You will cross Hwy. 6 to the Amana Colonies about half way on this leg.  Long downhill coast into Oxford.  Stop at Old Roy's for refreshments.  Leaving Old Roy's go two blocks South and take a left.  Cross the RR tracks and gear down as you come to a long uphill climb.

When you arrive at a T intersection turn left. (right is gravel).  Go about two miles turn right and cross I-80, then turn left.  This will be several miles of rollers as you head to the Tiffin turn.  Turn left and re-cross I-80.  In the spring, beware of a vicious red winged black bird that nests at the overpass.  Go down hill into Tiffin.  Stop at Slim's for refreshments.

Leaving Slim's, get on Hwy 6 West for a couple of blocks and turn right onto James Ave.  Head back to county road F28. This road will take a couple of turns along the way.  When you get back to F-28, turn right and head back to Roadies.